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Cutting Speeds of up to 6 Percent Faster

One of the most important improvements is the use of optimised ModernBlendTime algorithms. Thanks to these specialized motion algorithms, cutting patterns can now be processed noticeably faster with the highest precision, which increases overall productivity by up to 6 percent. The ZeroBuffer feature enables cutting with zero clearance, even with high layers. In addition, ZeroBuffer improves the nesting of parts in ergoCAM and the automatic detection of contact zones, and it automatically reduces the cutting speed in these zones, so that particular attention is paid to precision in these areas. As a result, waste is always kept to a minimum without the quality being affected. Thanks to ZeroBuffer, notches are cut precisely too, and the right markings are put in the right places during finishing. The result: a perfect cut of the finished fabric!

Easy Handling Simplifies Operators’ Work

Using the barcode system, operators can easily scan markers, parameter sets and order numbers using a barcode scanner before automatically inserting them into the JobQueue. Furthermore, Release 10 offers an integrated clearing
graphic. This supports users in displaying finished parts on a separate monitor in the clearing zone and, if they chose to, projecting them directly in the clearing zone. Quickly and simply assigning parts doesn’t just speed up work, but it also eliminates the risk of parts being assigned incorrectly. For operators, both new features mean an enormous reduction in workload, making manual handling faster and more comfortable. In addition, there is no need to invest in a separate clearing system and manufacturing companies can save costs.

Access to Digital Production With One Click

ProCom launched the production monitoring platform, Clouver, in 2017. With Clouver, machine data can be visualised and analysed. Important findings on the potential to optimise can be derived from this. Clouver has now been integrated into the CNC interface and can be accessed with just one click. Thanks to easy access to Clouver via the user interface, operators can call up the dashboard and its production data at any time. As such, productivity-inhibiting factors such as stoppages or machine bottlenecks can be identified and solved quickly.

Steuerung von Clouver an einem Tablet.
Clouver in action on a tablet

An Overview of the Advantages That Come With the New Features of the CNC300 Release 10:

  • Modern BlendTime: Increased productivity through algorithm-optimisation
  • ZeroBuffer: Precision and flexibility, even with high layers
  • Barcode scanning: Seamless integration of data into the control solution 
  • Integrated clearing graphics: Clarity and speed in the clearing zone 
  • Integrated IIoT production monitoring: Real-time insights into production data on the Clouver dashboard
Bullmer Maschine
A bullmer single-ply cutter

“With the 10th release, we have fully focused on making processes faster, more productive and more intuitive – all while maintaining the usual precise cutting quality,” explains David Hübscher, Chief Technical Officer of ProCom Automation. “With the new software release, we are building on the numerous features that have already been integrated to achieve the best machine efficiency possible, while maintaining high quality standards – such as cutting during the feed – processing notches and optimising the cutting sequence. Our goal was to equip a high-end machine with a control solution that “tickles” all the potential technical productivity out of the machine. The issue of operator centring is also important to us so we can adapt manual processes to the automated processes, and harmonise both, to gain new efficiencies. Harmonising manual work steps with automated processes ensures smoothrunning production that satisfies both operators and managers alike. And that in turn makes us, and especially our customers – the builders of the machines – satisfied!

About ProCom Automation  

ProCom Automation is a specialist in automation solutions in the cutting and separating industry. For more than 40 years, the experts at ProCom have been developing high-tech control solutions featuring CNC and CAM software, high-quality hardware, and an optimised IIoT solution for the manufacturing industry. Machine manufacturers all over the world benefit from cutting edge automation solutions for a wide range of cutting technologies such as knife, laser, water jet, plasma, and foam contour cutting. With product development focused on market and customer needs, ProCom Automation delivers unique features with significant added value to provide customers with a key competitive advantage for their success. Clouver, the IIoT production monitoring platform, connects heterogeneous machine parks and brings transparency to production processes. With the targeted data evaluation of Clouver, unused potentials become visible, and productivity is optimised sustainably. The company with its headquarter in Aachen is well established in the European and Chinese market and continuously invests in the ongoing development and expansion of its product portfolio as well as in future-oriented technologies like digitalisation for maximum efficiency and flexibility

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