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We leverage our many years of expertise and in-depth market knowledge to deploy intelligent solutions that sustainably enhance machine performance. This establishes a crucial foundation for continuous innovation and growth among our clients. Insights gained from customer projects serve as catalysts for ongoing product evolution. This synergy paves the way for a reliable and enduring partnership, where progress and success go hand in hand.

With our cleverly designed products, you gain the added value that grants you the essential competitive edge in your market.

Dr. Max Scheidt, Managing Partner

Everyday Products Cut with ProCom

All around us, we are surrounded by products created with the control solutions of ProCom Automation. Thanks to the wide range of applications of the five cutting methods, ProCom Automation not only provides precision control to machine builders worldwide but accompanies people with high-quality cut products in many areas of daily life.

Our Team for Your Success

Profilbild Dr. Max Scheidt

Dr. Max Scheidt

Managing Partner

Profilbild Adam Pindur

Adam Pindur

Chief Sales Officer

Profilbild Sergej Gigel

Sergej Gigel

Senior Sales Manager

Profilbild Patrick Beer

Patrick Beer

Sales Manager IIoT

Profile Picture of Eagle Xu

Eagle Xu

Sales Manager

Profilbild Grzegorz Osewski

Grzegorz Osewski

Sales Manager

Profilbild Harald Müller

Harald Müller

Key Account & Consulting Manager

Profilbild Yatai Ji

Yatai Ji

Key Account Manager

Profilbild Anette Höchst

Anette Höchst

Head of Team Textile

Profilbild David Hübscher

David Hübscher

Chief Technology Officer

Profilbild Simon Sittig

Simon Sittig

Product Owner Water/Laser

Profile Picture of Xunqian Ji

Xunqian Ji

Automation Expert

Profilbild Sarah van Zijp

Sarah van Zijp

Executive Assistant

Profilbild Sarah Bernstein

Sarah Bernstein

Executive Assistant

Profilbild quadratisch PMN

Peter Meven

Supply Chain Manager

Profilbild Mike Menz

Mike Menz

Sales & Service Support IIoT

Profile Picture of Tanja Thelen

Tanja Thelen

Digital Marketing Manager

Profilbild Jonathan Scheidt

Jonathan Scheidt


Profilbild Lea Klöcker

Lea Klöcker

Student Assistant Content Marketing

Profilbild Milo


Chief Emotional Officer (CEO)

Here's Where the Work Gets Done

Virtual tour through the headquarter in Aachen (Germany).

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Profilbild Sarah van Zijp

Sarah van Zijp

Executive Assistant

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