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Powerful Machines – Now and In The Future

At ProCom, you can expect a comprehensive package of maintenance services and updates. Our team of professional experts is here to provide advice and support on all matters related to maintenance. Thanks to our specialised updates, new features of our CNC solution package can typically be easily integrated even into those control units that are already in use at your customers' facilities. Our upgrade kits are also available for older CNC hardware and electrical drive components. This ensures that even your older ProCom controls continue to operate reliably in the long term. Therefore, you not only guarantee maximum performance for your new machines but also for your old machines that have been in operation for a long time – both now and in the future.

Comprehensive Service in Maintenance and Upgrades – An Overview

Professional Support

We provide ongoing professional support and guidance through dedicated and personal contacts for all your maintenance inquiries.

Long-Term Warranty

All our products come with a minimum 12-month extensive warranty.

Retrofits and Upgrades for In-Use Control Units

Even older models are in good hands with us, with options for upgrading to the latest technology through specialised upgrade kits featuring more powerful hardware components.

Software Updates as Needed

For our software, we always offer the option to integrate new features, consistently enhancing the productivity and cutting quality of your machines.

Fast Delivery Capability

You can rely on us to deliver what we promise, ensuring continuous availability of control units and related components. Downtimes are minimised thanks to prompt delivery of high-quality replacement parts.

Cost-Efficient Thanks to Long-Term Maintenance

In most cases, our control units remain repairable even after many years. Even with seemingly expensive repairs, it remains more cost-effective than replacing the entire machine.

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