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Moving forward together

There's no standing still with us. Bold and curious, we dive into new technologies and expand our knowledge day by day. Our agile team incorporates diverse experiences and qualifications, cleverly combining them to quickly respond to new opportunities. Well-founded, experienced expertise paired with a fresh perspective is the catalyst for turning new ideas into practical solutions. Our work atmosphere is characterised by a culture of flat hierarchies and open doors.

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We live appreciation

Mutual recognition and respect are second nature to us. An open communication culture with a casual mindset on first-name basis defines our interactions, making honest feedback an everyday routine.

We love flexibility and mobility

Rigid structures aren't our style. We embrace agile work organisation and digitised processes. In line with that, we offer flexible work schedules, a shared desk concept, and the option for remote work. This way, everyone can influence their optimal working hours and locations.

We give courage

We are tomorrow's creators. With us, good ideas don't just end up on paper (which we are increasingly eliminating anyway); they get put into action. Here, everyone can help shape and experience how imaginative teamwork contributes to company success – there's plenty of room for creative minds!

We stand together as one

Everyone in our team is an indispensable value creator and makes a personal contribution. But only together can we achieve our goals. We are each other's greatest source of inspiration and motivation. That's why we encourage collaborative teamwork and team cohesion through workshops, company outings, and events, among others.

We go to work with a smile

Regardless of the department – Sales, Marketing, IT, Product Management, Development, and more – we all have one thing in common: we just love doing what we do!


Our offices aren't just bright and open, but also super cosy! Furnished with state-of-the-art IT equipment, we as employees feel right at home! You'll be well taken care of during your daily tasks with delicious coffee, fresh fruit, and cool drinks. Scroll down to have a quick look via our virtual tour.

And if your head ever starts to smoke from work, our team-assembled foosball table is always ready for a little break! But be warned: Foosball is a passionately pursued sport around here ⚽

The relationship is characterised in particular by great trust and appreciation. I have a lot of freedom in terms of work organisation, working hours, and work locations.

Software Developer (With ProCom since 2015)

Insights into our work

Virtual Tour: This Is What It Looks Like Here

Virtual tour through the headquarter in Aachen (Germany).
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Sarah Bernstein

Executive Assistant | People Management

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