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Our commitment extends far beyond our products – we offer you professional advice with in-depth expertise, on-site support from our experts during commissioning, rapid maintenance support, and training for your relevant employees and technicians. Our driving focus is to ensure that your machines operate efficiently and productively over the long term.


Expert Advice on Product Selection

Personalised guidance from experts during the product selection process to find the optimal solution for your needs. In case of specific requirements, we work together with you to explore how your individual customisation needs can be realised.

On-Site Experts During Commissioning

Our specialists provide on-site support during the commissioning of prototype and pilot machines for newly developed concepts, as well as for serial machines that are equipped with our CNC products for the first time. We optimise the configuration and parametrisation of our CNC control solution specifically for your application.

Additionally, we fine-tune drive components for optimal performance. After commissioning, our experts provide you with the optimised configurations and parameter settings that can serve as a standard for further machines in your serial production. Count on your machines to operate efficiently and optimally.

Remote Maintenance and Diagnosis

We ensure support through straightforward remote maintenance and diagnosis for when our specialists cannot be on-site.

Long-Term Maintenance Contracts

To enable continuous care and maintenance of your systems, we offer long-term maintenance contracts that provide you with peace of mind.

Technical, Personal Support

If you have technical questions or need an assessment from our experts, your inquiry will be promptly forwarded to the right contact person, who will get in touch with you personally.

TeamViewer Download

TeamViewer Download

Efficient Collaboration

In order for you to experience seamless support, we use a customised TeamViewer to instantly connect you with our experts for hassle-free assistance. Download it here and receive our help anytime and anywhere. Your tech support, just a click away!

Download ProCom Automation TeamViewer

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At ProCom Automation, our service offering is designed to fulfil your individual requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you maximise the performance of your automation solutions. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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