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ProCom Automation's textile control solution is specifically designed for cutting textile and flexible materials such as clothing and upholstery fabrics, leather, composite materials, and films. Unique features, numerous cutting parameters, and perfectly adapted motion algorithms ensure outstanding cutting precision at maximum speeds. Whether cutting single or multiple layers, – cutting machines with ProCom control fully realise their productivity potential. This allows textile producers worldwide to benefit from highly profitable cutting results.

The Control Solution's Highlights

SmartKnife Blade Intelligence

Stabilises the blade in high-ply cutting, reducing waste sustainably, and ensuring consistent cutting quality in every layer

Notch Strategies and Techniques

Choose from various notch techniques with optimised cutting parameters to safeguard precise notch treatment


Benefit from a 6% increase in productivity with higher quality due to optimised motion algorithms

Flexible Nesting – Automatic or Manual

Individually select as needed

Flexible Cutting Sequence and Direction

Individual definition of the cutting sequence and the optimum cutting direction


Precision, flexibility, and resource savings even with high-ply, thanks to zero-distance cutting

Integrated Clearing Graphics

User-friendly and fast handling in the clearance zone

Barcode Scan

Seamless integration of data into the control unit

Material and Tool Assistant

Easy management and selection of material and tool parameters, as well as easy tool changes with intelligent operator guidance

Precise Matching

For a perfect pattern and repeat transition in the finished textile

Intuitive Touch Interface

Task-oriented and easily configurable touch interface with role assignment for different accessing rights

Integrated IIoT Production Monitoring

View production data in real-time on the Clouver dashboard with a single click

Integration Into Other Systems

OPC UA interface for capturing operational data and integrating your machine into production processes

High-quality machines require a high-quality control system in order to realise their full potential. With ProCom as our long-standing supplier of a high-quality control system, we can rely on receiving a solution that is perfectly adapted to our machines and constantly being optimised.

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Your Advantages as a Machine Builder

Choose ProCom's control solution and benefit from numerous valuable advantages:

Intelligent, Technology-Specific Motion Algorithms

For maximum performance of your cutting machines and precise cutting results at the highest level

All-In-One Control Solution

CNC and CAM software, control hardware, and drive technology – get them all in one package or choose the component(s) you need

Custom Functionality Adaptation

Custom development according to your wishes and requirements

Fast Commissioning

Your machine with the ProCom control solution is ready for operation in no time

Professional Support

Reliable and personal support from our staff: on-site during commissioning as well as for all technical questions

Personal Service

A personal contact for all concerns at any time – trust in the advice and support from our experts, along with guaranteed assistance for all technical inquiries

Future-Oriented Development

Continuous optimisation of functions and motion algorithms based on current and future market requirements and customer needs

CNC300 Software in Action

Get an insight into the ergoCNC control software here:


Explore further and learn more about our control solution for textile knife cutting!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the complete solution package from ProCom include?

As a ProCom customer, you receive a complete solution package comprising the following components:

  • CNC300PRO in the preferred configuration (i3, i5, or i7)
  • CNC300 software solution package, consisting of ergoCNC and ergoCAM with the latest release version for textile cutting
  • Drive technology from leading manufacturers
  • Interface to the IIoT production monitoring platform Clouver for analysing your machine data

The software solution for textile cutting (cutter software) is available in three variants: Essential package, Professional package, and Premium package, which you can choose based on your requirements. Feel free to contact our experts for further, comprehensive advice.

Is there a suitable CAM solution?

Naturally! The CAM solution from ProCom is part of your complete solution package. The ergoCAM software forms a unified system with the ergoCNC software, ensuring a seamless transition between your work preparation and the cutting process. For more detailed information, consult our experts who will happily provide comprehensive advice.

Does ProCom's solution have an automatic nesting function?

There is an option to expand the ergoCAM software to enable automatic nesting. For more detailed information, consult our experts who will provide comprehensive advice.

Is there suitable drive technology?

Certainly! Suitable drive technology for the control solution is also part of your complete solution package. We have been working with leading manufacturers for many years, providing you with reliable and robust drive technology for smooth and precise movements.

Can I operate the user interface with touch functionality?

Yes, the user interface of our cutter software is optimised for operation with a touch display. All functions and settings are designed to be quickly and intuitively executed with touch control. Of course, operation with a mouse and keyboard is also possible. We recommend using a touchscreen of suitable size as a control terminal, as it makes operation easier and more time-efficient.

Is it possible to have individual functions programmed?

If a function you need is not already included in the standard features of our solution, we are happy to explore the possibility of individual function extensions. Feel free to contact our experts for comprehensive advice.

How long does commissioning take?

Based on our experience, we estimate that initial commissioning of your machine in collaboration with your machine experts and our control experts, being pre-coordinated and well-prepared on both sides, can be successfully completed within 2-3 weeks at your facility.

What support do I receive during commissioning?

You will receive personal support from ProCom experts on-site for the commissioning of the first pilot machine. This includes step-by-step checks of all motors, aggregates, sensors, and actuators, as well as the configuration and commissioning of their associated functions. Our experts on-site will perform the configuration and commissioning of all participants in the EtherCAT communication bus, the creation of the necessary complete EtherCAT configuration files, the required detailed parametrisation of all associated CNC parameters for the coordinated contour machining movements of all machine axes, as well as the control of all other tools and aggregates (vacuum control, extraction, material transport, etc.) for the pilot machine.

Our experts will accompany the fine-tuning and optimisation of the drive components and axis control loops, as well as the securing of the determined parameter files.

Additional serial machines will be set up and commissioned based on the parameter and configuration files created during the pilot machine project.

What are the prerequisites for serial production?

The CNC300PRO control solution is a mature and much-used solution in many facilities globally.

Once the necessary mechanical and electrical components, as well as the parametrisation and configuration of the CNC control, all I/O modules, and the drive components tailored to the respective machine, are set up and fine-tuned for a pilot machine, subsequent new machine installations will require only a minimal amount of time.

Additional serial machines will be set up and commissioned based on the parameter and configuration files created during the pilot machine project.

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