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Digital order management brings significant time and labor savings – for both production staff in operational areas and production managers during data analysis.

Your Advantages of Paperless Production

Enormous Time Savings

Digital order management ensures that your production orders quickly reach and also efficiently return from the "scene of action" – both with your machines and their operators. It eliminates long walking distances, as well as the time spent on printing, filling out, collecting, entering data into the PC, and filing all production information on paper – a substantial time saving through consistently streamlined processes!

Error Avoidance

With a paperless system, you reduce the likelihood of human errors such as data loss, incorrect entries, or improperly assigned orders. This results in a sustained increase in your productivity. Precise production planning also allows for quick and flexible adaptation to new market trends and customer needs, ensuring long-term competitiveness.

Transparency and Data Security

Digital data can be easily used. At the same time, it is encrypted and secured so that only authorised personnel have access to the data.

Improved Communication Through Mobility

Digital data is quickly and easily accessible and exchangeable. With mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, your employees can access and update order information anytime, anywhere, fostering collaboration and improving communication.

Real-Time Updates

Digital systems enable you to monitor and update the status of orders in real-time. This allows you to quickly identify disruptions or deviations from the plan and react promptly before overproduction or defective parts occur.

Sustainability Without Paper Archives

Through the elimination of paper and therefore the reduction in the consumption of wood, water, and energy, as well as CO2 emissions, you make a valuable contribution to resource conservation. For your company, this has additional benefits, as costs for paper procurement, printing, and storage are removed.

How Clouver Paperless Works

  1. The production order list is sent from the ERP system to the machines' SmartKits and TouchPanels.
  2. The SmartKits transfer the order list to Clouver, where it is then displayed on the dashboard in the Clouver Platform.
  3. When a job is being processed, the operator taps the job on the TouchPanel. The SmartKit then sends the information about the job that has been started to Clouver, the other machines, and to the ERP system.
  4. As soon as the job has been completed, further information on the production order – such as the number of parts produced – can be entered into the TouchPanel with a simple click.

Bye-Bye Pens - A Touchpanel is Best Now

All relevant production information, including the quantity of produced parts, production duration, production timestamp, operator details, and information about defective parts, is either automatically linked to the order or can be effortlessly entered by the operator in a matter of seconds. The manual completion of order forms is thus obsolete – in manufacturing, pens are a thing of the past.

Daily Time Spent With Order Management

Without Paperless

  • Printing and distribution of production order slips:
    30 min./day
  • Entering the production data on slips of paper (approx. 20 orders per day):
    100 min./day
  • Collecting slips and handing them in at the office:
    20 min./day
  • Digitising the data by manually entering them into tables and documents, ultimately filing the slips in folders:
    30 min./day
  • Manually transferring data from the documents into the ERP system:
    20 min./day


  • SUM: 200 min./day

With Paperless

  • Sending production orders to the machines digitally:
    0 min./day
  • Inputting of production information into the TouchPanel:
    60 min./day
  • Inputting data digitally:
    0 min./day
  • Automatically transferring, evaluating, and storing digital data:
    0 min./day
  • Automatically transferring data into the ERP system:
    0 min./day


  • SUM: 60 min./day

Time Savings Thanks To Clouver Paperless: 140 min./day


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