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The project began with a thorough analysis of Balacchi Srl's existing single-ply cutter and, under the leadership of Anette Höchst, Head of Team Textile, the ProCom Automation team worked closely with Balacchi's engineers to develop a customised solution. This solution was designed to increase the efficiency of the machine through its advanced features and configuration options.

Fast Commissioning: ProCom Automation Overcomes Complexity and Minimises Effort for Balacchi.

The commissioning was characterised by the precise installation and configuration of the state-of-the-art CNC300 controls from ProCom. Despite the complexity, ProCom Automation managed to make the entire system fully operational within a remarkably short time of one week. This rapid implementation not only minimised the effort for Balacchi and the deployment time of Balacchi engineers, but also underlined ProCom Automation's ability to deliver prompt and effective solutions.

Our extensive list of features and configuration options allows us to complete commissionings in record time. This gives our customers the flexibility and efficiency they need to be successful.

Anette Höchst, Head of Team Textile at ProCom Automation

Tailored Integration of CNC Controls - ProCom Opts for Customised Solutions.

The special ability of the CNC300 to adapt individually to the specific requirements of different machines was once again demonstrated at Balacchi. This customised integration not only optimises the performance of the machine, but also lays the foundation for future scalability and innovation.

"With our specialised cutting technology, we offer a customised solution that not only makes the machine precise, but also extremely fast. This gives our customers a decisive competitive advantage in their industry", Anette Höchst emphasises.

A Success Story That Holds Great Future Potential!

The successful integration of the CNC300 at Balacchi illustrates ProCom Automation's dedication to providing specialised solutions tailored to the unique needs of their customers. Beyond the mere implementation of technology, ProCom Automation provided a comprehensive package that included training and support, allowing the Balacchi team to immediately capitalise on the enhanced capabilities.

Thanks to the CNC300 control system from ProCom Automation, we were able to modernise our machines in record time. The cooperation was highly professional and the customised adaptations have significantly improved the efficiency of our machines. ProCom Automation has exceeded our expectations in every respect. We look forward to further co-operation and future projects!

Milan Nesovic, CEO of Balacchi Srl

This collaboration has resulted in Balacchi's machines now operating with increased efficiency, precision, and adaptability, setting a new standard in their industry. ProCom Automation's role in this success story emphasises its position as a reliable partner for companies looking for innovative automation solutions.

About Balacchi |

Balacchi began its production more than 40 years ago in a small factory in the centre of Milan. The original focus was on the production of bars, moulds, and electrodes for thermoforming and high-frequency welding (HF). As experience grew, the range was expanded to include increasingly complex machines.

Today, Balacchi produces highly developed welding and cutting lines for demanding industrial sectors. The products are recognised worldwide for their precision and reliability. They offer a wide range of HF welding machines and cutting plotters for applications such as medical technology, inflatable products, the automotive industry, covers and packaging.

By choosing Balacchi as a technology partner, customers can count on a motivated and competent team that ensures the best possible service and builds lasting relationships. Its expertise and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make Balacchi a trusted partner in the industry.

About ProCom Automation

ProCom Automation is a specialist in automation solutions in the cutting and separating industry. For more than 40 years, the experts at ProCom are developing high-tech control solutions featuring CNC and CAM software, high-quality hardware, and an optimised IIoT solution for the manufacturing industry.

Machine manufacturers all over the world benefit from cutting-edge automation solutions for a wide range of cutting technologies such as knife, laser, waterjet, plasma, and foam contour cutting. With product development focused on market and customer needs, ProCom Automation delivers unique features with significant added value to provide customers with a key competitive advantage for their success.

Clouver, the IIoT production monitoring platform, connects heterogeneous machine parks and brings transparency to production processes. With the targeted data evaluation of Clouver, unused potentials become visible, and productivity is optimised sustainably.

The company with its headquarter in Aachen (Germany) is well-established in the European and Chinese markets and, for maximum efficiency and flexibility, continuously invests in the ongoing development and expansion of its product portfolio, as well as in future-oriented technologies like digitalisation.

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